Recommended Hotels in Brisbane- Brisbane to Cairns Road Trip

The trip from Brisbane to Cairns is amazing. The East Coast of Australia is the most popular tourist destination in the country, and with good reason. The weather in the northern region of the country is pleasant all year. The majority of Australia’s highlights may be found here, and the roads along the shore are particularly beautiful.The road from Brisbane to Cairns passes through various scenic areas where you may see a lot of Australia and participate in a variety of excursions and tours. This comprehensive guide will tell you everything there is to see and do so you can plan your days accordingly. Now lets know about the recommended hotels in Brisbane-Brisbane to Carins road trip!

Tips for Brisbane to Carins Road Trip

This is your playground, beachgoers, sun worshippers, adventure seekers, and nature enthusiasts. Prepare for an incredible road adventure down one of Australia’s most gorgeous coasts!

Rent a vehicle for Brisbane to Carins Road Trip

Hire a car in Brisbane if you don’t already have one. This appears to be a popular method of exploring the coast’s features. Most rentals can be picked up right at the airport when you arrive.It’s best to book ahead of time to ensure you get your preferred vehicle, as rentals fill up rapidly, especially during peak season. We recommend utilizing Skyscanner to rent a car for this Brisbane to Cairns road trip.

How Choose the Vehicle

Any vehicle can be used to go from Brisbane to Cairns (or vice versa). It’s up to you to determine which vehicle best suits your interests and travel style:

  1. A motorhome with all of the amenities (shower, toilet, etc.) for those seeking comfort and more space.
  2. A tiny but well-organized vehicle.
  3. For a bit more space and gear, a campervan is a good option. Here you have a variety of options to pick from. Our Toyota Hiace Hi-top campervan was used for our road trip from Brisbane to Cairns. We bought a van (which we named Frida) and spent hours re-fitting the interior.We adore the extra space provided by the high ceiling. It means that we can both stand up and cook our meals inside. This is especially useful when the weather outdoors is bad.
  4. For the adventurers out there, a 4×4 with a roof tent! This vehicle is required for those who intend to visit Fraser Island on their own wheels. People who enjoy wilderness camping and exploring off-the-beaten-path routes will benefit from a 4WD car.

The vehicle you choose is determined by the characteristics listed above, as well as your budget, the number of people traveling, and how comfortable you want to be.

Best Time to Road Trip from Brisbane to Carins

A road trip from Brisbane to Cairns is best done during the dry season (May to Oct). Southern Queensland, however, such as the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, can be visited all year. During the rainy season, Far North Queensland experiences enormous rains and even severe cyclones (Nov to Apr).So lets start the journey!


What better place to begin your journey from Brisbane to Cairns than the state capital? With a population of nearly 2 million people and a length of over 100 kilometers, it is located off Queensland’s south east coast. Brisbane offers a wide range of activities, sights to view, restaurants to visit (Southbank), swimming pools, hiking (Mt Coot-Tha), scuba diving, and simply relaxing at your hotel.

Tangalooma Island

Tangalooma Island Resort is a 45-minute catamaran sail from Brisbane and the perfect spot to stay for a relaxed weekend away. If you have your own 4 wheel drive and camping equipment, you can even travel to the island without staying in a resort.If you’re staying at the Resort, you’ll have a variety of lodging options to pick from, as well as a plethora of activities to keep you occupied. This is an eco-resort with the major feature being nightly feedings of wild dolphins.

Bribie Island

Imagine having a beachfront location so near to the hustle and activity of a big metropolis like Brisbane. Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you choose to relax on the beach, swim in the surf, relax in calm seas, take a 4 wheel drive for a spin, or go shopping, there is something for everyone. Bribie Island might be a good fit for you.

Sunshine Coast

This would be your first stop on the tracks if you were looking for some beach fun. Hikes like Mt Ngungun and waterfalls like Booloumba Falls, Gardner Falls, and Kondalilla Falls can be found a little further inland in the hinterland. There are many various beaches to visit, as well as luxurious beach side resorts to unwind at, only an hour north of Brisbane City.

The coastline is breathtaking, and you’re likely to locate a private area. With a population of over 300.000 people, this part of the coast is Queensland’s third most populous. With this in mind, Maroochydore, Noosa Fairy Pools, and Caloundra are some of my favorite spots. It has a subtropical climate, which means that the summers are hot and the winters are warm and sunny.With over 3.2 million tourists per year with attractions such as Australia Zoo, Underwater World, the Ginger Factory, and the Big Pineapple, the Sunshine Coast has become a tourism hotspot.

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is the first gateway port to Fraser Island, located off the major A1 Brisbane to Cairns Highway. It does, however, have its own draw cards, with 70,000 visitors per year. It’s known as a little beachside camping and fishing village, but it’s also a great place to stretch your legs in your 4WD and have a ride.Carlo Sand Blow, Poona Lake, Coloured Sands, and Inskip Point are just a few of the attractions at Rainbow Beach. When you visit this lively town, you will be pleasantly pleased.

Tin Can Bay

Tine Can Bay offers a magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness Australia’s humpback dolphins early in the morning. They are fed under the supervision of volunteers and in accordance with animal welfare rules. The cost of the food and cleaning solution is covered by a small fee of $10 per participant. This is an opportunity you will not want to pass up!

Hervey Bay

Day tours to see humpback whales are popular at Hervey Bay, a lovely little seaside town in southern Queensland. All whale-watching boats operate from July to November, when the whales are migrating. Alternatively, it’s a fantastic location from which to visit Fraser Island.It boasts a population of over 50,000 people and offers a variety of water activities such as fishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.


With a population of over 90 thousand inhabitants, there is something for everyone in this coastal city. Bundaberg is best known for producing the world-famous Bundaberg Rum, as well as Bundaberg Brewed Beverages and Ginger Beer. The Hinkler Museum is also located here, as well as the opportunity to witness turtles breeding and hatching during the season.The beaches are popular with families and retirees because they offer calm waters and beautiful clean beach walks. Bundaberg might also serve as a gateway to other islands, such as Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliott. On the Brisbane to Cairns route, it’s also a key sugar cane farming region.

Lady Elliott Island

The Lady Elliott Island Eco Resort, which has been established here, is centered on water activities such as snorkeling and diving. There are also lots of land-based activities to keep you occupied. It’s also convenient to visit for the day or stay for as long as you want.

Agnes Water or 1770

As you make your way towards central Queensland, stop in either Agnes Water or 1770, which are both 10 minutes down the road. The abundance of vacation properties attracts a younger clientele, primarily for surfing. There’s camping, fishing, and plenty of places to swim with the kids for everyone. Also, while you’re in town, don’t forget to taste some fresh seafood.

These are not the places you can stop your journey. There are Yeppoon, Capricon Caves Rockhampton, Clairview, Finch Hatton Gorge, Mackey, Cape hills borough,  Cedar Creek Falls, Airlie Breach, Hamilton Island, Bowen, Townsville etc places you have to visit to fully enjoy your trip!

5 Hotels for staying

It’s time to put a dent in your vacation savings (aka rent money) and splurge on some of Cairns’ greatest hotels. Take a chance, we dare you. Now check the hotels!

  1. Crystalbrook Flynn

Set your sights on Crystalbrook Flynn if you’re looking for something a touch more contemporary. The hotel is designed in a relaxed, minimalist style that allows the breathtaking sea views to take center stage. While sipping a cocktail at the indoor pool, take in the sights of palm trees swaying in the breeze (or two).

  1. NovotelCarins Oasis Resort

The swim-up bar at Novotel’s Cairns Oasis Resort lets you enjoy a Pina Colada poolside. They have a separate children’s pool and Kid’s Club so you can get a little tipsy without worrying about your kids. While you’re at it, book a facial at the Novotel’s on-site spa and let your concerns go away.

  1. Crystalbrook Baily

Crystalbrook Bailey is the ideal destination to spend your time away from the city, with panoramic views of the metropolis and the latest advances in sustainable living. This five-star luxury hotel is filled with clever design features that will appeal to your inner artist. Even better, the hotel is at a short distance from the Cairns Aquarium, which houses over 15,000 aquatic animals.

  1. Pullman Carins International

Pullman Cairns International is ideal for tree huggers, with large balconies that look out over the mountains. The hotel’s outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by tropical vegetation, and the famed Cairns Pier is just a short walk away.

  1. The Reef House

Book a night at The Reef House if you want a taste of the tranquil life without giving up your creature comforts. At its quiet location in Palm Cove, this small colonial-style hotel offers a retreat from city life. The Reef House promises an opulent vacation unlike any other, with three swimming pools, two spas, and innumerable tropical gardens.

So, now you are complete with the information of Brisbane to Carins road trip and the where you can stay while you are travelling! No more today, will come with another road trip guideline! Till then, stay good, stay happy!

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