Luxury Hotel Brisbane Review- Accommodation in Brisbane by Location

In this article, we want to give you a glimpse of the best areas in the city of Brisbane to stay in if you are visiting the city. We want to tell you that it is a large city (capital of the state of Queensland and third-largest city in Australia). So, if you do not pay much attention before booking accommodation, you may end up sleeping quite far from “where all the action.”

Luxury hotels Brisbane by accommodation

Brisbane gave us the same feeling as other cities in Australia (such as Melbourne and Sydney, for example), where most of the attractions are quite concentrated in a small area. Staying far from that area implies that you have to move a lot to visit the most attractive parts of the city.


It is the downtown area of ​​Brisbane (CBD = Central Business District) and here we believe that it is the best area to stay. First, because many of the attractions are around the CBD: Southbank is very close, museums too, you have many places to shop and eat, Kangaroo Point is at a “walkable” distance (if you like to walk) and neighborhoods like Fortitude Valley or New Farm have fundamental proximity.

In addition, in this neighborhood, all the public transport of the city converges (train, buses, ferries) so it will not be difficult for you to visit more remote places.

Finally, the accommodation offer is vast and ranges from high-class hotels to very cheap hostels.The city center and financial center. You’ll be close to everything and even the South Bank on the waterfront.


  • Spicers Balfour Hotel
  • The Inchcolm by Ovolo
  • Emporium Hotel South Bank

Spring Hill

Very close to the CBD is this nice downtown neighborhood. There is not as much noise and movement as in the center (weekdays) but it is well located and very close to many attractions.

We found it a very good area because it is between the CBD and Fortitude Valley, so we could move between the most interesting neighborhoods of the city on foot and quickly. Southbank is also relatively close.

The only thing we would put “bad” is that if you go from the CBD to this neighborhood, you will have to climb a slope (hence its name Hill ), so we recommend you check the location of your accommodation well if this is a condition important to you.


  • Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane
  • Pacific Hotel Brisbane
  • Madison Tower Mill Hotel

Southbank or South Brisbane

Technically the neighborhood is called South Brisbane, but Southbank is the area that is very close to the river. This area is in front of the CBD and to get there. You have to cross the Victoria Bridge (it is 300 meters long).

It is a part of the city that we like a lot, not only because around the river (on that side) there are many bars and restaurants, but because there is also the artificial beach to cool off and there are several public spaces prepared to sit and enjoy. The atmosphere is young and very relaxed, we love it.

This is for us the best area to stay in Brisbane if like us you are going to travel to Australia with children. Almost every day, of the 12 that we spend in the city, we end up walking through the South Bank area. Therefore, it is the one I recommend if you are traveling as a family.


  • Emporium Hotel South Bank
  • The Calile Hotel
  • W Brisbane

West End

The West End neighborhood is on the same side as South Brisbane but a little further from the CBD. In our opinion, it is not as well located as Southbank or the CBD itself, but it is a valid option if you find some interesting accommodation out there.


  • Brisbane Backpackers Resort
  • Gonow Family Backpackers Hostel
  • Manhattan Terrace House

Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley is the neighborhood at night: its main street (Ann St.) is lined with discos, bars and places to eat. If you like to go out, then it can be a good alternative for accommodation. In addition, it is close to the CBD so getting around the city is not difficult at all.With hundreds of nightlife options, cafeterias, restaurants and live music venues. This is the quintessential backpacking and nightlife area.


  • Limes Boutique Hotel
  • Alpha Mosaic Hotel Fortitude Valley Brisbane
  • Hotel X Brisbane

New Farm

New Farm is very close to Fortitude Valley, but it is a much quieter and more residential neighborhood. If you are interested in tranquility, it is a good option in a location relatively close to the CBD and the city’s main attractions. It is roughly a 40/50 minute walk from the center of Brisbane.


  • Edward Lodge
  • Heal House
  • Kirribilli Apartments

Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point is a very famous place because here it is the best-known point to see the sunset, with the skyline of the city in the background. In addition, it is also the name of a neighborhood, quite quiet and with little movement.

The best connection between this place and the city center is by ferry because walking is quite far since you cannot go directly and you have to cross the Story Bridge (almost 800 meters long)


  • Central Dockside Apartment Hotel
  • The Docks On Goodwin
  • The Point Brisbane


An area quite far from the center (it is beyond Southbank, to the east) and we had the opportunity to walk it quite a bit. It is a very quiet neighborhood, with some places to eat, and it can be an alternative to consider if you want to leave the traditionally touristy part.


  • Western Plus Hotel Diana
  • Palazzo Brisbane
  • Quest South Brisbane

Our experiences

We have, so far, three experiences in the city of Brisbane that we are going to share with you. We will go from less to more.

Our worst experience was with Base Brisbane Uptown. We arrived very late and the hostel was closed (in the email they sent us, they said that the reception was open 24 hours a day and warned us if we were late). When we spoke to someone, they came to open us and told us that the reservation was not there (they had already charged us).

It was very late, we did not feel like fighting and we went to the hostel that we are going to tell you about below. Nobility obliges: they gave us back the money without question the next day when we went to claim more relaxed.

  • Nomads Brisbane. We only slept one night and urgently because of what had happened to us at Base Brisbane Uptown. They welcomed us without problems and everything was very expeditious. We didn’t stay any more nights because we wanted something quieter.Nomads Brisbane is a typical holiday or party hostel. There is a bar in the basement, there are a lot of young people and there are no rooms with private bathrooms.

It is very well located and we found the rooms to be good for the price (it is one of the cheapest in the whole city).

  • Holiday Inn. We came here looking for tranquility and we found it. It is a good hotel, a well-known chain, which in the case of this city is very well located, near the CBD in a very quiet area.


There are many luxury hotels in Brisbane city. In every place in the city, you can find luxury hotels. All hotels are offering premium quality services, accommodation, food and security. Enjoy the beauty of Brisbane city with relaxation.

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