Why Should You Choose Aria Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas?

Why Should You Choose Aria Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas?

Aria hotel and resort is a magnificent resort and casino in the South-central area of the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. Aria Resort and Casino is the tallest building which is 61 story, located Between Bellagio and Park MGM. It’s provided a new experience for the young generation. The Aria is established at the last of 2009.

In aria resort and resort, you will get all things in the palm of your hand under one roof, which will make your vacation delightful and comfortable. In this vast and luxurious hotel, you will get a world-class living room, suits, Bar and restaurant, pools, a casino, and you can also arrange meetings and weddings, etc. It will give you a better experience.

History and Story

This beautiful architecture began construction in early 2006. From the beginning, work progressed rapidly, since 2007 the work has been going at the level of 1 floor every 7 days.

Infinity Development invested about 2.7 billion dollars in the project in 2007. Since then, MGM Resorts International and Infinity development have jointly owned aria hotels and resorts.

Beyond the various ups and downs After 3 years, the 61-story hotel and resort become visible. Aria hotel and resort started its journey in 2009.

It has 150,000 square feet of gaming space, 4004 rooms, and a 182,000 square-foot pool deck.

Hotel Description



Aria hotel and resort is located in the city centre central. It is North of monte Carlo, South of Bellagio, and right on the strip of Vegas, Nevada. Aria is near Red rock canyon mountain, close to Harry Reid international airport. Harry Reid international airport is 3.3 km away from aria hotel and resort. Aria hotel and resort is 0.6 km from T-Mobile Arena, 0.2 km from crystal Shopping Centre and 0.5 km from M&M’s World Las Vegas. Some attractive place is also nearby to aria hotel and resort, such as Mob Museum, Shark Reef Aquarium, Stratosphere Tower, etc.



In the aria hotel and resort, there are 4004 rooms. You can choose a room from 3 options-

  1. Deluxe king room
  2. Aria Tower suits
  3. Aria sky suits.

Each room is beautiful and looks clean and elegant. There is a whole iPad control system in the room. Using the iPad control system, you can room control, room service, takeout and delivery, and spa and salon facilities.

  • At first, When you enter the room, you see a couple of closet storage. In the middle of closet storage, there is a drawer. You can keep your necessary thing.
  • A full-size flat-screen Tv is available for you in the room.
  • There is a big, neat, and clean bathroom. In the bathroom, you will get amenities like-
  • Rainfall showerhead
  • Shampoo
  • Shower
  • Soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Body lotion
  • Cleansing bar and
  • Hairdryer


  • In-room you can see a clean toilet. There is a phone which is connected to the guestroom.
  • You also get a mini bar in the Aria Hotel’s room. You find water, coke, sprite, tranquil, Heineken, candy, Pringles, etc.



Aria has a complex of 3 pools.

  • The palm pools
  • Yucca pool and
  • Sky pool

The palm pool and yucca pool are generally known as resort pools. It’s open to all guests. Sky Pool is only available for sky suit guests.

It seems like there is a lot of pool. These pools are smaller than other hotels in vagus. Chairs are limited in the Lounges, and you may have to pay rent 1 for the day.

During the winter, pools are open daily from 10 am to 3 pm.

Sky pool suite opens from 9 am to 4 pm.

Adults can rant Lounges. Prices are cheaper Monday to Wednesday because these are weekdays. Comparatively small numbers of visitors come on weekdays. Prices are high and more expensive on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.



Parking facilities are available in aria hotel and resort. Suppose you want to park your car. You have to take a ticket. It costs around USD 18 per day. Then you can enter the garage and can park your vehicle. It is also available electronic vehicle charging facilities.



Aria has some of the best restaurants in every food category under one roof. Aria has 16 restaurants. It has a collection of the world’s best chefs. There are various restaurants like Cafe Vetro, American fish, Blossom, etc. Different restaurants serve different food like Italian, Mexican, Canadian, etc. You can order a breakfast if you want. It serves breakfast from 6:00 am to 11: Am on weekdays and 6:00 am to 1:PM on weekends.


Bar and Casino:

The casino has 150,000 square feet of gaming space. The main gaming floor is Divided into two sectors Bar and the high limit gaming area.

The table games are in the middle and surrounded by slot machines. The poker room and sportsbook are set to the side.


Aria hotel and resort has 10 bars. The bars are very luxurious and crowded. Here available all the ingredients to enjoy your nightlife.

These bars are popular, but the Spaces might be undeserving the customer; this is rear to see such a busy Casino on the las vagus.

Some well-known bars are:

Alibi: This is like a traditional bar that offers a relaxing lounge with video poker.

Baccarat Lounge: It’s a relaxing lounge. It is hidden from the main casino floor.

Jewel club: One of the newest nightclubs on the Vegas strip. It’s modern, pretty and looks fantastic.


Businesses Amenities:

Aria hotel and resort has the privilege of meeting Spaces, Business services centers, and you can arrange wedding ceremonies and any other meeting for a different purpose.



The Aria Hotel and Resort has a 24-hour security service. Inside and outside of the hotel are under CCTV coverage. There are also fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.


How Much Money Will Cost to Stay in the Aria Hotel and Resort?

The Aria hotel and resort is a luxury place. The casino, Bar, and resort are massive. You get all facilities under a roof. In aria hotel and resort, everything is expensive. How much will it cost to stay here? It’s depended on what type of service you want. Cost varies from room to room.

Anyway, you have to expense 499 dollars for a deluxe room for staying one night. If two guests want to stay for 1 night in 1 Deluxe room, it will cost 499-dollar. for Standard room will cost 438 dollars.

If anyone wants to stay two nights, they have to cost 365 dollars for a Deluxe room. If two guests want to live for 2 nights in a Deluxe room (1 king bed), it will cost 365 dollars. 315 will cost a Deluxe room (1 king bed and 1 double bed).

Aria’s rooms service is very satisfactory. You will get 24 hours room services. The Aria hotel and restaurant are the best options to spend your vacation.



Aria hotel and resort are among the most prominent hotels in the USA. Everything is good in here. The foods are tasty, the casino and bars are beautiful, and other satisfactory services.

Suppose you try to relax on your vacation. You can choose Aria undoubtedly. You will get everything in the plum of your hand. It will be an excellent experience for you.

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