Choosing the Best Hotel In Brisbane Wellbeing and Security

Many, those more attentive to the economic aspect, are already booking their summer holidays. And we are sure they will be evaluating dozens and dozens of hotels to find the best one in Brisbane city. The one with the most beautiful rooms, with the most appropriate services for your needs, near the sea, with swimming pool, without swimming pool, with bike rental included, with a shuttle bus or who knows what else.

What to consider before choosing the Best Hotel in Brisbane?

And who knows how many times, you have made the wrong hotel and spend a holiday in Brisbane. Below expectations precisely because of this reason. Reading the reviews that many users leave on Tripadvisor, complaining about the various hotels, there are many who are in the same boat.

“The bed is not hard enough, the room is dirty, the bathroom too narrow, the food is bad at the restaurant, it is cheap but it is far from the beach.”

But is there a way to choose the best hotel in Brisbane for a particular location? Today we want to try to help you, giving you a hand to identify at a glance which are the characteristics to be evaluated.

What are your needs?

Try to understand them before leaving. If you find it useful, write them on a piece of paper, in order of importance. Are you looking for relaxation in Brisbane? Then avoid a hotel in the historic center of the seafront. Instead, I prefer some slightly peripheral and quieter locations.

If you love comfort, avoid a structure that is too spartan or without wi-fi. If you are obsessed with hygiene, maybe make sure the bathroom lives up to your expectations. Do you prefer the swimming pool to the sea, because of all that sand that bothers you, but you can’t help but please your children who want to play on the beach? Then don’t give up on a hotel with a swimming pool, even though the sea is just a few meters away. You can always find a compromise and spend half the day by the pool and the other half on the sunbed on the beach.

So line up, in order of priority, what are the most important aspects. And think: if you can’t do without some things at home, you won’t be able to do it even on vacation.

Hotel services in Brisbane

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. In it, you will find a wide accommodation offer, but with a much more relaxed lifestyle than Sydney or Melbourne. Cozy, safe and clean, it stands out from the rest for the number of sunny days a year: more than 300. A sure hit for those who make Australia their first experience abroad.

I can also tell you from Brisbane that:

Even being a big city, it is much cheaper than Sydney or Melbourne.Even so, Brisbane does not have a beach. It has been a natural beach. But to solve this small issue, they have created an urban beach in the middle of the city known as Streets Beach, where you can enjoy its 300 days of sunshine. Forget that where you are bathing is not the Pacific.

What does Brisbane have?

It is paradisiacal places a few hours drive away, such as Byron Bay, Fraser Island or Moreton Island that are undoubtedly a plus.

It is a city with many leisure offers but quite quiet when it comes to partying, so if you are a party lover, it may not be your place.

It is an Australian city with the most free plans you can find. What does this mean? Well, you can take the City Hooper (free ferry that takes you along the river) to attend free comedy shows (1h every Friday at 6 pm at Power House). Free concerts at Queen Street Mall (for example) going through free tours. It shows you the city with guides known as Brisbane Greeters.

As in all large cities, there are many neighborhoods in which you can settle. It depends on which one you choose. Your experience will be completely different.

Another way to find the right aspect is to put in order the pros and cons of each property you are evaluating. Promotions and offers cannot be the only criterion for evaluating a property. Services are just as important. Maybe by spending a little more, you can get a much better service, if not fundamental, for the success of the holidays.

Each one has its own scale of priorities, which could be the location, the price. The services and why not, the swimming pool, even if yours is a hotel in Riccione, not far from the beach. Everyone has their own needs, and what is good for you may not be good for another, and vice versa.

Read the reviews

A great idea before booking your holiday hotel in Brisbane is to read the reviews. This way, you can get an idea of ​​what really awaits you upon your arrival.

It is not on the website of a hotel that you will find useful information on the real distance from the sea or the center. On the cleanliness of the rooms or the internet connection, it may be guaranteed. In reality, it works in fits and starts. It is on the review sites that you can do this. Likewise, it is always on the review sites. You will understand if the hotel staff is as sunny and smiling as it is described on the site, or not.

Contemplate all the possibilities

A very common mistake when choosing a hotel is not knowing the cities of Australia. As simple as that. We like to get everything done and we settle for what everyone else does. But, have you stopped to analyze the options offered by what will be your new country? Australia is much more than Sydney or Melbourne. And even more than the gold coast and Byron bay. The possibilities are endless and trust me. It’s worth spending a little research on these other less mainstream places. Because maybe your new home is in one of them.

Last words,

Another really interesting aspect is that in the reviews, you can find some photos taken by users on the hotel rooms in Brisbane. And usually, these are much more realistic photos than you will find elsewhere. Obviously, be wary of both very positive and very negative reviews. It is always good to read everything with due measure.

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