Top 10 Disney Vacation Club Resorts in Florida

Who doesn’t know about Walt Disney World! It is so far renowned around the world so does its vacation club. The Disney Vacation Club or DVC is a vacation timeshare program operated by Walt Disney vacation development, Inc. This program allows buying DVC resorts based on a flexible point system. The estimation of members quantity of this point-based system is approximately 220,000.

There are 15 Disney Vacation Club resorts – 9 in the Walt Disney World in Florida, one in Oahu, Hawaii, one in Disneyland, California, one in Vero Beach (Florida), one in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Copper Creek Villas & Cabins in Orlando, Florida.

It is a widely popular vacation club around the world for Disney lovers (Adults) who can spend a tremendous leisure time with Disney feel. As we already mentioned, it runs via a flexible point-based system, and owners can use their points to make reservations, bank it, or borrow their points. In this article, we will discuss briefly DVC resorts, how the point works, and the top 10 DVC resorts in Florida.

What is Disney Vacation Club?

If you want to enjoy the Disney theme and search for it, you will eventually get to know about DVC resorts through Ads. And if you are planning to pay a visit to The World Disney World or Disneyland with your family, then DVC might be a good investment. Why am I calling it an investment? Cause you already know, Disney Vacation Club is a unique approach to a timeshare program. And DVC directly allows you to buy some points. You can either buy the vacation points from Disney or the DVC resale market.

You can use these points throughout the year, wherever you want to spend your vacation. Well, you will eventually get the specific info about where you can use these vacation points. Stay tuned!

How Does Disney Vacation Club Works?

DVC’s points can use to make reservations at any one of the 15’s DVC resorts and enjoy the benefits. When anyone becomes an owner of Disney Vacation Club, he or she gets an indication of how many points he/she will receive every year from the contract. And how many points you should purchase, it entirely depends upon you and your vacation references. When you have decided to make these points work for you that means you are planning your vacation schedule ahead of time.

You can use these points in different ways like banking them or borrowing points. In the proportion of banking points, you should bank within the first 8 months and expend it during this period. And you can borrow points from your next year only if you do not have enough points for a reservation.

When you buy points from “Home Resort”, you become a member. And this membership comes with an allotment of annual dues. You can purchase points from 75 to the highest 325 points. The average point is 150. But people also purchase more than 325 points. You can book into your home resort up to 11 months in advance. In a busy time, this 11 months window will help you to make your reservations easier when it is hard to get.

Again note that banked points must be used before the end of the following year. And, you can buy or rent points from DVC members into your account. If you are planning a big family vacation tour, please arrange or collect your points based on the size. You can collect 24 one-time use points, and under the big vacation scenario, you could feasibly have 450 points.

Where You Can Use These Points?

Yes, your first imagination is right! You can use these points in any Disney Vacation Resorts. But you can also utilize them in other places as Disney Timeshare programs categorized it. Let’s have a look.

List of Disney Vacation Clubs (Home Resort):

  1. Aulani (Ko Olina, Hawaii)
  2. Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort (Walt Disney World, or WDW)
  3. Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (WDW)
  4. Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (WDW)
  5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas (WDW)
  6. Disney’s Beach Club Villas (WDW)
  7. Disney’s Boardwalk Villas (WDW)
  8. Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort (South Carolina)
  9. Disney’s Old Key West Resort (WDW)
  10. Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows (WDW)
  11. Disney’s Riviera Resort (WDW)
  12. Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa (WDW)
  13. Disney’s Vero Beach Resort (Vero Beach, Florida)
  14. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa

Keep in mind that, each home resort has an expiration year whatever you hold your ownership right. This period is between 2042 to 2070, when your contract will be expired. But it is a wise decision to own a home resort if you are planning for the longest periods.

The Concierge Collection:

This collection includes several hotels situated in the US and outside of the US (International)-

  • The Fairmont, Chicago
  • The Fairmont, San Francisco
  • Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, CA
  • Parker New York
  • Lotte New York Palace
  • Mandarin Oriental, Washington, DC
  • Kimpton Nine Zero, Boston
  • Several other hotels in New York state, Vermont, California, Colorado, Tokyo, and more.


Almost everyone only has a thought that they can use these points only in Disney Locations! But anyone can spend it or transfer the points to RCI, which is another timeshare company. It has also thousands of locations around the globe.

How Much Does Disney Vacation Club Cost?

The cost of DVC depends on your buying style. That means from where you have purchased your points- is it directly from DVC or Resale? If you buy points from DVC, it will cost you around $30,000. Yes, it is a baseline approximation. And this cost estimation is changed from year to year. Obviously, the total cost also depends on which resort you want to stay at and the time of vacation-

  • Size of your travel party
  • Space that you need
  • The popularity of your home resort
  • The season you want to spend the vacation

Each resort has a point chart and cost estimation details that help you to understand how many points every villa costs per night. The cost rates are generally high for Friday-Saturday nights and lower from Sunday to Thursday.

Are there other Costs outside of the initial purchase of the contract?

Unfortunately, yes. And that is called maintenance fees of the properties and its staff’s costs. But the great thing is you can get out yourself from the DVC contract as you want. What I think, you know? You usually never want to do that when you realize the opportunities.

Top 10 DVC Resorts In Florida

The measurement of top things depends upon individual choices. Each Disney Vacation Club of Florida has its benefits and shortcomings. You may find out some points as disadvantages for you, but some will take those vice-versa. So let’s talk about

Florida’s top 10 DVC resorts ins & out without so-called ranking numbers.

Disney’s Beach Club Villas, Florida

The theme for the beach club is beach resort! It has nautical influences because it is joined to its sister resort- the Yacht resort, one of the deluxe hotels of Disney. The updated Beach villas are quite uninspiring but it is still lovable as a whole. Anyone would like to score them high because of their amazing lake view within walking distance of two parks and Skyliner station.

Furthermore, the beach villas are closest to the Epcot resort and international gateway. It has also boats to visit Hollywood studio and as you see the transportation system is fine so far. Every attractive area is just within walking distance or you can take a boat, Skyliner, or bus (Sometimes have to share with other resort’s members). And, there are several dining options-

  • Yachtsman Steakhouse- which is actually at the Yacht club, but it is close by.
  • Ale & Compass Restaurent
  • Casual Dining: Beaches & Cream Soda Shop (But it is closed from August 2019 for refurbishment) and Cape May Cafe.

There are also nearby lounge is available- Martha’s Vineyard and Crew’s Cup Lounge, which is over the Yacht Club. There is also a quick service option inside of the beachside with a marketplace. It has a swimming area but unfortunately, swimming is not allowed here.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

  • Deluxe Studio: Start from 15 vacation points.
  • 1-Bedroom Villa: Start from 27 vacation points.
  • 2-Bedroom Villa and Lock-off Villa: Start from 37 vacation points.

Its amenities and recreation are also getting highly appreciated by the users. For the transportation, food & wine, festivals dine, and entrance location to the park, it is possibly one of the best resorts to get in. But if you do not have points or it is not your home resort, then it is also hard to get this resort in the seasons like Xmas and New Year parties.

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas

It is a lakeside deluxe resort with nostalgic 1940s Atlantic seaboard charm. BoardWalk Inn resort is one of the most convenient locations in all DVCs. Just 10-15 mins walking distance from the Epcot theme parks and Hollywood studios. You can take a boat ride or Skyliner service as well. But the painful reason for Bus service is- most of the time you have to share rides with other DVC resort members. There is also a business center, community hall, bike center, etc as well. And this resort is not that expensive to stay.

Some of its hallways are really long, I mean you have to walk quite a long way to get into it. But usually, it is not a serious issue at all. The dining and entertainment options are quite good and unique because of  Jellyrolls, Flying Fish Cafe, a long boardwalk, and Luna Park Pool (Plus 2 leisure pools). No restaurants are inside the BoardWalk Villas, yes you have to talk a walk.

Signature Dining: Flying Fish Cafe

Unique Themed Dining: Big River Grille & Brewing Works, and Tarratoria Al Forno.

Casual Dining: ESPN Club.

Lounge: AbracadaBar, Belle Vue Lounge, Jellyrolls, and Leaping Horse Libations.Also, In-Room service & quick service are available and worthy.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

Deluxe Studio:

  • Standard View- starts from 10 points
  • Boardwalk View and Garden/Pool View- start from 15 points

1-Bedroom Villa:

  • Standard View- Starts from 20 points
  • Boardwalk and Garden/Pool View- Start from 28 points

2-Bedroom Lock-Off Villa:

  • Standard View starts from 30 points.
  • Boardwalk and Garden/Pool View start from 37 points.

And, 3-Bedroom Boardwalk View Villa starts from 77 points.

The Boardwalk Villa Resort has quite flexible to book your vacation if it is your home resort. And, in terms of overall availability, it is one of the best choices.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

The Riviera Resort is Disney’s latest vacation club resort (15th). Its theme is inspired by Europian Castles and fairy tale villages with the aristocratic Disney touches. This new resort celebrates the Grandeur of Europe and a masterpiece of imagination with a blend of modern and classic twenty-century flavor.

The main attraction of this resort is Topolino’s Terrace and the dedicated Skyliner gondola station. Here, you may not have many dining options but in quality, they are far better.

Dining Options: Topolino’s Terrace, Le Petit Café, Bar Riva, and Primo Piatto (Quick Service). There is a lounge as well.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

Tower Studio– starts from 12 points.

Deluxe Studio– Standard View starts from 16 and Preferred View starts from 16 points.

1-Bedroom Villa– Standard View starts from 33 points and Preferred View starts from 41 points.

2-Bedroom Villa– Standard View 43 points and Preferred View starts from 52 points. And the Lock-off villa cost the same.

3-Bedroom Grand Villa– starts from 108 points.

The special features of Riviera’s are Fitness Center, specialized fun activity pools for children. It is a really beautiful, relaxing, and fully updated resort. Although many rooms use Epcot and Magic Kingdom’s Fireworks. It has slip bathrooms in the studios. The lock-off 2-Bedroom offers to sleep up to 10 and Grand Villa offers up to 12 people. Moreover, anyone can buy artwork from the Riviera resort, which is really a great uniqueness of this resort.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village and Jambo House

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge basically makes you feel African Savana rather than sunny Florida. It is totally a great place to spend your vacation period if you are an animal lover or nature enthusiast. It is situated both in Kidani village and Jambo house. You will get to see Animal Kingdom Perk, enjoy the luxurious lobby, and Savana View rooms always offer you exotic animals grazing.  It is a less expensive DVC resort with a dedicated bus service. But the standard view room may make you feel disappointed. And the tourist cannot get into any theme park within walking distance. Moreover, the African-based flavor is not a favorite to all.

The Yacht club and Animal lodges are a bit connected. The dining and other amenities are so good depending on its expenses and all over any kind of measurement. Let’s have a look.

Dining & Lounge: Jiko, Boma (Flavors of Africa), Cape Town Lounge and Wine Bar, Victoria Falls Lounge, Maji Pool Bar, and Sanaa Lounge.

The Mara is a quick-service in Kadani Village. And, Samawati Springs Pool Area is also a special of Kadani. But you can count it for both.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

It starts from 9 to 75 points depending on your choice of accommodation. We have already acknowledged you with the basic room categories in the upper part. So make it short, right!

The other amenities like Spa, jogging area, parking area, community hall, Basketball area, Safari, Fitness Center, etc are so well and fabulous as well.  Keep in your mind that only transportation is Dedicated Bus service.

Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Now we enter into Disney’s springs arena. This DVC resort is inspired by a historic New York Retreat (Horse Racing). The very special features of Saratoga Springs are –

  • 65 acres area with its own spa
  • Boatride transportation
  • 2 feature pools
  • The uniques accommodation like Treehouse villas which are 10 feet off from the ground
  • And the many many options in dining like Turf Club Bar and grill

The entrance location, smallest room, theming idea, and transportation system make it stay behind other DVC resorts. But in availability, it will get 10 out of 10.

Dining, Lounge & Quick-Service:  The Turf Club Bar and Grill, On the Rocks, The Turf, Club Lounge, Backstretch Pool Bar, The Artist’s Palette, and The Paddock Grill. So, if you are a foodie, then Saratoga is the best place for you.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

It starts from 12 to 75 points based on your need. The special treehouse villas cost you 39 points. And the room categorized options are the same as others (like Riviera). Remember, it is the easiest DVC resort to book!

The special amenities of this resort are- Sunrise Yoga for 30 mins, a Golf course, a Fishing excursion, a Shuffleboard, and others like an of the DVC resort’s basics.

Old Key West Resort

The Old Key Resort is another Disney’s Springs area resort with a romance of the great Florida vibes. It just needs a boat ride or water taxi to go into Disney Spring. The very specialties in my opinion are the old west feel, palm trees, the largest room among all DVC resorts,  the lush golf fairways with great theming. Moreover, it is located on an island called Hamlet.

But the only transportation option Bus rides can feel anyone boring. Many may feel isolated as it is over an island. But for somebodies, it is one of the priorities! Moreover, You have no premium access to any of Disney’s theme parks.

Dining, Lounge, & Quick-Service: Actually, there are not many dining options to choose from. The only dedicated dining is Olivia’s Cafe. But quick service and In-House dine are good.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

It will cost you 10 to 47 points per night. You see, measuring the availability and larger area, costs you less than any of DVC resorts.

This resort offers bike rentals, fishing expertise, a community hall, DVDs, Jogging space, Playground, and other basic amenities as well. Boom! It has a special character- it owns or has access to 4 pools, which is really amazing. Overall, it is a large DVC resort to enjoy a good leisure period.

Boulder Ridge Villas And Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

A lot of people love to stay at Disney Magic Kingdom Area. And yeah, Boulder Ridge Villa and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins are located in that area. The amenities and recreation, dining options are the same at Wilderness Lodge. The main difference between them is the Cabin in Copper Creek and the room space. Copper creek studios rooms are the second smallest of all DVC resorts.

Living in a wilderness lodge is feel alike Colorado, a wild pacific north-west. Both resorts hold 2 pools. And pretty far from other Disney theme parks. The Magic Kingdom is only nearby and the boat ride transportation is really cool and excellent. Moreover, Boulder Ridge has a gorgeous lobby area. The best thing about Wilderness lodge is the beautiful scenery.

Dining, Lodge, & Quick-Service: Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White, Territory Lounge, Whispering Canyon Cafe. They have also good In-Room Dining and their quick service is really good.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

The Boulder Ridge costs you from 15 to 37 points per night. But their rooms need to be refurbished. Copper Creek’s rooms are moderate and updated than Boulder Villas, but its cabins are costly. Its cost starts from 15 to 87 points. And Copper Creek is hard to book than Boulder Ridge.

Both DVC resorts have a Reunion center, 2 distinctive pool areas, Fitness center. Fishing, Bike rentals, Electrical Water Pageant, etc.

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Bay Lake Tower is also situated in the Disney Magic Kingdom area. And it is a sister resort with the Contemporary Resort. They connected with the Skyliner/Skybridge together. So it is classic American dining with a contemporary twist.

Bay Lake is an elegant DVC resort that offers to access the resort Monorail, award-winning dining, shopping, and most importantly the top of the world lounge makes it different from the others. Now it is not only DVC resort that is located within walking distance of Magic Kingdom, but still the shortest walk.

Dining, Lounge, & Quick-Service: Well, Bay Lake has great options and versatility in dining and lounge-like Top of the World Lounge, Cove Bar, California Grill Lounge, Outer Rim, Chef Mickey’s, Steakhouse 71, and The Sand Bar.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

Well, you have to spend 14 points to 102 points per night. Every room is tuned and moderate with the aristocracy and energetic looks.

This DVC resort provides its members 3 pools, Motorized Boat rentals, Fireworks of Magic Kingdom, 50 mins specialty cruises (on-site), a Business Center, and other general amenities as well. You can take monorail, watercraft, or bus throughout Walt Disney World Resort.  Yeah, you will get easy access to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Perhaps, it is expensive to enjoy your vacation.

Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

Polynesian Villas and Bungalows are modern facilitated DVC resorts with the spirit of the South Pacific. And it is the only DVC resort that offers accommodations floating over the water, a proper succulent taste of the islands. The over-water room and the feature pool have a view of Cinderella Castle. We enjoy the Animal Kingdom’s fireworks with a magnificent view. It has its individual monorail stop to Magic Kingdom.

Dining, Lounge, & Quick-Service: The dining and lounge options of this luxurious resort are great. Moreover, the special pool bars make this resort different from others. Let’s see the list- Best Friends Breakfast at ʻOhana (Character Dining), Kona Café & ‘Ohana (Unique Themed Dining), Tambu Lounge, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. And the quick-service are- Capt. Cook’s, Kona Island, Barefoot Pool Bar, Pineapple Lanai. You see, there is a lot of variety and options in dining.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

Well, it costs 16 points to 115 points per night. The rooms are the largest of the Disney World studios and the space is utilized superbly. But it only offers Bungalows and Studios that cost us high. This resort has an excellent Victorian-style main lobby and a small lobby in DVC also.

The Polynesian resort has four options in transportation Merina, watercraft, bus service, and monorail. As it cost high so undoubtedly, the amenities and recreation are great. There is also a beach, but no swimming is available. And it is easy to book this DVC resort.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is the most beautiful and aristocratic DVC resort that can easily make your vacation lifetime memorable. It is just a waste of time to describe the all. Just keep in mind that every benefit and advantage of Disney World Resort are available there. And definitely, it will eat up your valuable points so easily.

Dining, Lounge, & Quick-Service:

The dining options are at their best in Grand Floridian such as,

Signature Dining- Cítricos, Narcoossee’s, Victoria & Albert’s

Character Dining- 1900 Park Fare

Unique/Themed Dining- Garden View Tea Room

Quick Service- Gasparilla Island Grill, Beach Pool Bar, Courtyard Pool Bar

And, many more options like Grand Floridian Café, Cítricos Lounge, Enchanted Rose.

How many points are needed to book a room per night?

The rooms of Grand Floridian never give you a chance to complain. It cost you 16 to 112 points. Undoubtedly, its rooms are the most beautiful, luxurious, and better-themed compared to any DVC resort in Florida.

It gets 2 refreshing pools, a beach, fireworks, spa, shop, fitness center, bars, watersports, and other basic amenities as well. This resort has several modes of transportation, which means no need to describe what you can get here. Yes, it is the most expensive DVC resort with all kinds of benefits. But it is really expensive and a small kinda’ resort so that hard to book up.

How Much Do DVC Members Have To Pay Per Point?

The cost of DVC membership point depends on some facts, basically which resort you want to stay at and its maintenance fee. But generally, it will cost anywhere between $97 to $188 per point.

And, to book a DVC club with or without a membership, please go through the Disney Vacation Club website. And look upon the 7 months or 12-month windows they offer. We will publish another article on it to guide you thoroughly.

Is Walt Disney World Open?

Yes, all are open till this date, But you have to obey the restrictions and rules as per COVID-19 situations. Before entering there, don’t forget to check out the official website for traffic updates of Walt Disney.

To Warp Up…

In this article, we have tried to discuss the top 10 Disney Vacation Club In Florida which are in the Walt Disney World. And everything you need to know related to it is already told. Basically, the top thing depends upon your pocket and your need. All these resorts are top-rated among the users. So you can choose any of it comparing your requirements and time of vacation. It is wise to book the resort early to make your tour fixed in the DVC resort in Florida.

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