Discover Penang Malaysia – Hotels and Travel Tips

Stirring palms, powder-white seashores and sky blue shores (incredible for swimming)- what more might you be able to request? In case you’re a water child and jumping is your thing. You should consider consolidating an excursion to Borneo into your Malaysia voyages. With an interesting submerged universe of lively corals and marine life, Sipadan reef is a sanctuary for plunging devotees.


I need to state that Malaysia food is probably the best in Asia just because it so differs. It incorporates a mixture of Chinese, Thai and Indian enjoyments, also its neighbourhood dishes. Nyonya cooking is normally Malaysian and has an interesting blend of Chinese. Malaysian with sweet, acrid, hot and hot flavours.

Need a little tip? In case you’re going to Malaysia for the food, you have to visit Penang; to a great extent viewed as the nation’s culinary capital!


In case you’re a nature fan like me, going in Malaysia is straight up your road. On peninsular Malaysia, you’ll discover Taman Negara and Rompin Public Park. Where you can set out on a daring wilderness trip to find. The shrouded profundities of the rainforest. You could likewise head somewhat further north on the off chance that you needed to find. The moving tea ranches of the Cameron Good countries.

If natural life is more your sack, at that point you can experience the wilderness if you head to Borneo; home to Bako and Gunung Mulu Public Park. Take a wilderness vessel journey underneath the green coverings and spot probosci’s monkeys. Find the shuddering bats of Mulu in the core of the rainforest or visit the Orangutans in the Sepilok focus.

Rainforest tomfoolery in Borneo. Laze around on Langkawi and take a mangrove wilderness journey. Island jumping along the tropical east coast. We’ll assist you with building your own special Malaysia occasion.

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